Cory Monteith is gone. Glee never gonna be the same again. The whole cast and fans are mourning this actor who passed away too soon. I don’t want to be cheesy about his death, no need of big speeches etc. 

I choose Darren Criss to illustrate the cast mourning. Why ? I don’t really know, I like Darren Criss, his music, his role on Glee. Maybe ‘cause this picture is contradictory, inside, he’s sad, he’s mourning. Outside we only see the black ribbon as a sign of mourning. But he forces himself to smile, like every actor – person – does. ‘Cause they are mend to smile, look happy, healthy, even if on the inside it’s a really mess. And so was Cory’s life. I guess that’s why I chose that picture.

Click on the pic to read the NY Daily News article.