Blood & Oil

I first heard of this TV series on CTV while being in Canada. It was pretty intriguing for the European that I am. And I’m not sure this show will ever cross the Atlantic.
North Dakota and the oil boom aren’t among the sexiest place on earth – unlike the Upper East Side or the Orange County. But since It’s starring Chace Crawford I had to give it a go.
And so did I. I never watch Dallas but I honestly believe they can be close. There’s guns, oil, money and family fights and of course huge SUV and pick up trucks. I although reminded me a bit of 666 park avenue. Especially the relationship between Cody and Billy LeFever, Hap and Carla Briggs reminded me of the relationship between Jane Van Veen, Henry Martin and Olivia and Gavin Doran. These young couples looking for success and choosing some very dark mentors.

I think the show was cancelled after one season, probably because it was hard to find a public for that kind of show.


Well after trying « Blood and Oil » – article coming – I saw the trailer of the show Quantico. So I’ve decided to have a look at it.

I had no idea what to expect. Beside the fact that it was about the FBI academy.

So for once it wasn’t about FBI, NCIS, LAPD or Hawaii 5-0 agents but about their training and learning process. The show is although full of flashbacks and flashforwards which makes it interestingly challenging to watch. The characters all have secrets and some very well built personalities.  Of course we don’t know everything about their past or hidden personality traits Which makes it great to watch.

It’s a good show to watch if you like action and are ok with a messy timeline.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I’m starting with a video, because that song is so catchy.

Series are things I really enjoy and that I tend to watch too much. So sometimes I feel like « I’ve seen it all » until that show. Browsing through a beauty blog – thank you Lauren Schroer – I ended up learning about that show. Then I look for critics online and they were mostly positive. That how I started watching it.

The serie is about Kimmy who just spent 15 years in a bunker – thinking the apocalypse happened – prisoner from a guru and her journey to re-adapt to our world. It’s funny and witty and definitely different from what I’ve seen. The show is mostly about the « fun » part of adjusting to 2015’s life and totally occults PTSD etc. to make it comedy ready. But it all is about starting over and not looking back, while never forgetting where you’re from.

To conclude, I watched the whole first season and I can’t wait to see the rest.

You should have a look ! « Catch up on the present ».

Go to Netflix!!!!!


When I discovered SuitsI said to myself : ‘Again, a show with lawyers!’. But that one is definitely different.


He’s ambitious, he has an opportunity and he’s taking it even if it could cost him everything.
He’s a lawyer, he’s ambitious and he accepts the challenge leading him to jeopardy but making him fell a better man.

How a guy without a law degree lands in the crazy world of a NY law-firm…
This is what this series is all about. It’s surprising, well written, challenging.
I LOVE it! And you’ll probably love it too.


His roots are British but the story takes place in NYC. Holmes is back on TV and this time in the US. Not sure of what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would have think about it but this New-York version is pretty interesting. It’s modern, some sort of re-writing and that British accent in New-York, brilliant!

The character of  Sherlock is portrayed by Jonny Lee Miller and Watson by Lucy Liu. At first I was very surprised and a bit sceptical to see a « female-version » of Watson but it appears to be a lovely surprise. The improbable duo works well and the multiples details in a flash to the original story makes it refreshing.

The personality of Holmes is shown in its whole complexity. As a former drug addict, Holmes is sometimes like a little bird fallen from the nest. The writers of the show studied Holmes psychology and we can notice how well it has been done.


Elementary is about to become a basic!