His roots are British but the story takes place in NYC. Holmes is back on TV and this time in the US. Not sure of what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would have think about it but this New-York version is pretty interesting. It’s modern, some sort of re-writing and that British accent in New-York, brilliant!

The character of  Sherlock is portrayed by Jonny Lee Miller and Watson by Lucy Liu. At first I was very surprised and a bit sceptical to see a « female-version » of Watson but it appears to be a lovely surprise. The improbable duo works well and the multiples details in a flash to the original story makes it refreshing.

The personality of Holmes is shown in its whole complexity. As a former drug addict, Holmes is sometimes like a little bird fallen from the nest. The writers of the show studied Holmes psychology and we can notice how well it has been done.


Elementary is about to become a basic!



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